Estrella Selection Sàrl is a recognized wholesaler and designer of gift items, "Poya Fun", fashion accessories and scented candles.

Active for 22 years as a wholesaler, we create our own "Swiss Design" products. Recently, we launched the colorful "Poya Fun" range, which is very popular with both Swiss and tourist customers.

More than 300 customers throughout Switzerland make us trust so far. Whether shops, stationery stores, souvenir shops, pharmacies, drugstores, florists, kiosks, hairdressing salons or care salons, all appreciate the very good value for money of our products and their originality.

We offer you :

· Brand new, very attractive collections with exclusive Poya Fun designs by artist Pat von N. These new ranges, which combine Swiss tradition, humor and aesthetics, are hugely successful.

· BeautyScents scented candles made in England.

· A breathtaking range of scented candles in all the most popular shades, shapes and designs. In addition to their visual appearance that does not fail to seduce, their "handmade" manufacturing guarantees them exceptional quality.

· End-of-year gift items for your customers at unbeatable prices.

We guarantee you:

· A constant choice of more than 1'500 articles, constantly renewed according to the latest trends.

· Very fast delivery times thanks to a large stock always available and a powerful handling team.

· First-class customer service in support of qualified and available sales representatives.